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Fotomoto not finding my pictures

This could be nothing, But We have been using fotomoto for a bit now, and our store has always retrieved the picture as we upload it to our wordpress site. We uploaded some pictures earlier today and the pictures have not shown up on the fotomoto dashboard yet.

Is there sometimes a delay for this? Once last year there was a delay and the photos didn't show up on the dashboard until the next day.

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  • Derek (Official Rep) May 02, 2016 20:14
    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for your post, and I have replied to your same request via our email support system, so you should have your answer by now, but for anyone reading along, images from your site should load in to your Fotomoto Dashboard immediately when Fotomoto is installed properly on your site and someone visits the page where the images live.

    If you're missing Buy links on the images or they are not showing up in your Dashboard as expected, please see our Missing the Buy Buttons? article for potential reasons why, and if you can't figure out the trouble then send us an email with the URL for the page where the images are missing and we can take a look at what might be happening.

    i hope that helps and kind regards,
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