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Fotomoto Plugin Working with Themeforest "Enfold" Theme

Great work Fotomoto!

I installed your plugin on my new website. I'm using an Envato Themeforest theme on Wordpress called "Enfold" So far as I can tell, your plugin is working great.

Here's a link to the theme if anyone is interested.

Enfold is one of the best themes I have used.

Warm regards,

    I’m glad to help
    Hi Richard,

    Thank you very much for posting your feedback in the Community - we really appreciate it!

    I wanted to take a look at Enfold, so I went to your site and saw that Fotomoto was almost working: the Buy links were appearing under the images in your gallery, but if the image is swapped (by hovering over a different image in the thumb menu) then you click the Buy link, only the first image in the gallery will appear and be available for sale.

    That said, your gallery is using the Magnific Popup library, which we now support, so you can make Fotomoto work by going to the Settings page in your Dashboard and selecting "Magnific Popup" from the drop-down Script Library menu. Just note that because of the way this library works, you will only see the Buy links once you have clicked the image to view the image full-size in the popup - at that point you'll see Buy links appear at the top of the page.

    Thanks again for posting, and I hope the comments were helpful!

    Kind regards,
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