I’m confused

FOTOMOTO Script is changing the look of my site...

My Custom Site is displaying 3 images horizontally across the page until the FOTOMOTO scripts kicks in then they display single images vertically. Anyone else have this issue?
Here is a sample of my code:

#fsline {
#fsimages {
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  • Hi Becca,

    Thank you for your post. As I believe I have explained several times to someone who has contacted me about what appears to be your website, Fotomoto is designed to add Buy Buttons contained in an HTML DIV (FotomotoToolbar) element to a web page. Understandably, depending on how the containing web page is laid out, Fotomoto may affect the layout of the page, however it is designed to put the FotomotoToolbar underneath the images by default.

    As I've explained to the person who contacted us via support, the first important fact is that each image on your page must be contained in a "block" before Fotomoto can properly position the Buy Button Toolbar mentioned above. This can be a DIV, P, or FIGURE in HTML.

    Given your existing HTML structure, which is multiple images contained in a single DIV, Fotomoto will not work as expected.

    Your options to resolve this are:
    1. Install Fotomoto on a page where each IMG is enclosed in a single "block" as above.
    2. If you prefer to position the FotomotoToolbar manually, you can use the Fotomoto API, but this requires the use of additional JavaScript and is intended for use by developers.

    Please Becca, just follow the guidelines I've provided to you by email and above. While I appreciate your going to the Community for an answer, we at Fotomoto understand our code better than most others, and we are offering you the best advice possible for getting it installed on your website.

    Kind regards,
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