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Fotomoto API v0.7

After a few months of having an “unofficial” version of our API (our friends at The Turning Gate have been using it for a while), we are finally ready to announce the first official version of our API. Using this API, developers will have complete control over how the toolbar and buttons are presented on the website(s). We tried to keep the API as simple as possible – take a look below and you will see how easy it actually is! Using this API, now you can add Fotomoto functionality to Flash-based websites (we will show a few samples here soon, both for JavaScript and for Flash).

Are we missing anything in the API? Do you have ideas on how we can improve our API? Send an email to the developers at fotomoto!

For more information please check our blog:
  • Great API!

    2 questions:
    1) Is it possible to create your own error message when user clicks on view cart, but the cart is empty?

    Right now I have:

    View Cart

    function viewFotoMotoCart() {

    if (FOTOMOTO.API.isBasketEmpty()) {
    alert("Your shopping cart is empty.
    Click on the 'Order' link below each picture to buy prints.");
    } else {

    but after viewFotoMotoCartReturns, and if the cart is empty, the default error message will still be show.

    I would either like to disable or customize that message

    2) Is there any api call I can make to see if the FotoMoto window is currently open? I have a bunch of keyboard shortcuts on my site that I would like to disable while the FotoMoto window (FOTOMOTO.API.showWindow()) is active.

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