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Fotomoto buy toolbar showing at top of page, not under image

When i install the fotomoto script on my website the toolbar doesnt appear underneath each image as it's supposed to. instead, it appears at the top of each page and is inaccessable by my website's visitors. How do i get it so the 'buy' toolbar shows under each photo?

I have tried pasting the script within various parts of my HTML but no luck.

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    Derek (Official Rep) April 13, 2011 20:41
    Hi David,

    I responded to your support email, but I'll post the quick answer here for anyone else reading.

    The issue is that the site uses CSS absolute positioning to control each element on the page, and in this case custom CSS needs to be added to position the buy buttons. Alternately, the FotomotoToolbar div could be used in the code to place the buy buttons where desired.

    Please see this article for more info:

    Kind regards,
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