Fotomoto compatible with Foobox ?

Hi Guys

First of all, Fotomoto looks pretty awesome since I last used it (back in 2009 it was I think)

According to an article I read form the guys that develop Foobox, Fotomoto should now be compatible with Foobox (a plugin for Wordpress to show images in a lightbox with social sharing options).

Could you confirm this to be the case and if so, how I should go about enabling this ? Already I can see the [buy] [ecard] etc options on some of the images on my website, but other images do not show this option.
You can check out to see what I mean. Otherwise, I can ask the guys from Fooplugins how to pull this off, as they think it's possible ;)

Kind regards,

Edwin van der Veer
Owner of IMOFX
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