Fotomoto hangs in firefox

Fotomoto script hangs on initial load, buttons appear but when you click on them it says "Please wait until the page is finished loading." Only seems to occur in Firefox using Galleriffic script for redrex base gallery. Page never seems to complete loading.
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  • Derek (Official Rep) January 07, 2013 09:28
    Hi James,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I took a look at the page in a web developer tool and can see what you mean in Firefox 17, but it appears to be a resource on redrex's servers that is taking the time here. Note the loading message in the screenshot below.

    Given what I"m seeing here I think the Fotomoto script is correctly showing the "Please wait until the page is finished loading" message. I'd suggest you contact Redrex first and maybe give them the address of this post so they can take a look at what's happening. If there's anything we can do on our end to assist, please email us and we'll be glad to assist.

    Kind regards,

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