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Can some one please tell me how I can add Images into a page from the media library in wordpress. With the fotomoto buy buttons for each image? I tried the options I found in the help section, but when I do I get no buttons on any of the images. It only allows me to have one image on a page. I need to beable to have a set of images that has the option to buy each of them I do not want to use any type of gallery.
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  • Derek (Official Rep) January 19, 2014 18:22
    Hi Pasjr,

    Thanks for your post. Once Fotomoto is installed on your WordPress page it should automatically detect the images as long as the following are true:

    1. Your images on the page are within HTML paragraph (P) or DIV tags.

    2. You're not using a "lazy loading" which loads images after the page loads and that isn't compatible with Fotomoto.

    3. You're not putting the Fotomoto DIV in manually as explained here - this is only intended for use on pages where there is only one image.

    I think I've already answered this question for you via a support email, so if you need any further assistance you can respond either here or there, but no need to do both as all the questions go to the same place.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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