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Fotomoto links not displayed with images inserted into text post for Tumblr

Hi fotomoto guys, I'm using tumblr as my blogging platform but somehow my text posts with images inserted do not display the fotomoto links, unlike my picture posts.

My site is at http://fqwimages.tumblr.com

Can someone help pls?
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  • Hi fqwimages,

    I took a look at your Dashboard and it looks like you've set Not for Sale as your Default Collection, so any new images being loaded from your site won't have Buy Buttons under them. If you move the images to For Sale, you'll see the Buy Buttons appear.

    For anyone else reading along, if you're missing Buy Buttons, please see this article. To learn more about configuring how your images will be sold (including the Default Collection), please see this article.

    I hope that helps and Happy Holidays!
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