Fotomoto to use Perfect Resize 7 to ramp-up my fotos

Since Fotomoto has "Recommended" MP counts for different print sizes,
one can quickly move into enormous pixel counts of 80MP and more for the
large sizes. Even an 18" X 24" print will require a large count. I want to
offer a wide range of sizes for fine art prints plus canvas prints too. Canvas
prints especially can be very large sizes. None of my originals carry the
number of MPs required. Even if they did, how would I store them and then
send them to Fotomoto to fill an order? Here's the idea: Fotomoto can
easily change sizes and pixel count by using Perfect Resize7. The cost is
about $300 to buy the software, there is a fancier one for about $600.
Fotomoto could charge to do this, a tiny fee for each resize would soon
amortize the costs.
Whadyathink, Fotomoto?

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  • Hi Jerry,

    I've already spoken to you via email support about this one, but for anyone else following along, please note our recommendations about providing high-resolution files in this article.

    The idea is that you should provide your highest-possible quality original when providing it to fulfill an order. If the resolution of the file is insufficient, our system will let you know, and will give you the option to "print anyway", but you are doing so at your own risk, as final output quality may suffer if you're using too small a file.

    As always, we recommend creating test prints at cost to see how your image will print, especially before offering large print sizes to your customers.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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