Fotomoto Toolbar disappears on galleria site using chrome

When using the Chrome browser, the Fotomoto toolbar disappears when advancing to the second picture on a site using the galleria script.

You can see the problem on with Chrome. It works perfectly fine with Firefox.

The toolbar (with download and eCard buttons in this instance) works on the first image that appears in the front page gallery. As soon as you show the next picture (and even on going back to the first), the toolbar disappears. Comparing the source code after advancing to the next picture, it looks like the whole div containing the FotomotoToolbar is gone.
The site is using the current version of the galleria script (1.2.5) with the default theme.

I tried going through all the point on your help page but didn't have any success resolving this yet. Any ideas how to proceed?

Thanks, Stefan
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