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Foundation and Clearing - supported!

I've added fotomoto to my site, that is built with Foundation 5.5 and its Clearing gallery viewer. It was not difficult at all and boiled down using one API call:

$(document.body).on("opened.fndtn.clearing", function(event) {
var prev=$('p.clearing-caption').contents();
toolbarID = FOTOMOTO.API.showToolbar($('p.clearing-caption'), $('img',;
$('p.clearing-caption').prepend(prev); /* to put inside use p.clearing-caption div and .append ^/

That's it. Thanks for the good work!
  • Derek (Official Rep) October 05, 2016 06:08
    Thanks for the post Alex, and glad to hear you got Fotomoto installed and working!

    We haven't tested Fotomoto with Foundation, so your post is extra-appreciated and I'm sure will be useful for anyone out there working with it.

    I'll look in to Foundation and see if we can get some documented instructions together to make it easier for those with less programming experience to implement. If you or anyone reading would like to contribute to the effort, please do email us and we'll be happy to collaborate.

    Thanks again Alex and kind regards,
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