I’m baffled & frustrated.

Galleriffic & Fotomoto controls interfering

I have figured out how to get the toolbar placed to work with my Galleriffic gallery with text, but for images without text below the images, the "Play Slideshow", "Prev", and "Next" functions become unusable. It feels like the FotoMoto Toolbar acts as a layer over the controls, but after trying Z-Indexes both in the toolbar customization (at -100) with CSS placements of the controls at +100, nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions as not all my images for purchase will have text and I do not want to create empty text boxes if I don't need to as I prefer the navigation controls to be inline with the thumbnail page controls. If we need to put the toolbar above the gallery, that might be a possibility, but I'm not sure where it would go in the coding and how it would look.

Here are the pages with which to compare:

With Text: www.stephaniecoulter.com/fine_art/ser...

Without Text: www.stephaniecoulter.com/fine_art/flo... or /fine_art/gran_canaria.shtml

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!

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