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Hate the placement of tool "block" on my site

Instead of nice subtle options below each photo, I have a garish red, white, and black tool "block" to the right of the screen. It's throwing off the overall navigation by making users scroll right. How can I fix this? The example style codes provided aren't really suited to fixing this issue.
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    Hi Yadams,

    Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a Pixpa site yes?
    They are not using the standard html setup, instead they have built Fotomoto into their flash site, so the customization of the popup can't be controlled by you, they have to do it.

    Since only they can change where it pops up, you need to contact their support about that, I'm happy to help them with it as well if they need support doing that, but I can't affect it in any way from where I'm sitting.

    Also the popups color scheme can't be changed, it's part of our widgets color scheme and is standard to the Fotomoto experience.

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