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How do I create space between photo and toolbar?

I know the fotomoto toolbar is there but it's partially hidden and needs to be lowered. In other words, I need space between my pictures and the toolbar.
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    I’m hoping this helps
    Hi Erika,

    First off, I really like your choice of theme - nice layout.

    To answer your question, you have full control over the presentation of the links in the toolbar using CSS. Positioning, color, all of it. Here's the article with the details:

    As for how to move the toolbar down, with many designs that's a much easier question - just change the top-margin of .FotomotoToolbarClass, but in your case it's more complex, as there are conflicting design elements that are affecting the position of the toolbar, and unfortunately we really don't provide support for CSS customizations - this is something that you could ask the theme designer, or any CSS professional could help you figure out.

    That said, when looking at your page, I did notice a comment on line 259 in your zpgallerific style.css file - there is a height value and a comment "This should be set to be at least the height of the largest image in the slideshow with padding". Changing that height might be one way to allow the toolbar more space =)

    I hope that helps steer you in the right direction, and kind regards,
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