I’m confused

How do I upload hi-res versions to fulfill an order?

I have received an order for two images, and I have received confirmation emails from Fotomoto.

I can't find any information on where/how to upload the hi-res files to fulfill the order.
I don't use Auto-Pickup.

Please help?
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  • Hi Helen,

    Thank you for the post. I took a look at your Dashboard and think that you've figured it out as I see images uploaded for the order.

    To answer your question for anyone else reading along, on the Order Detail page, you first need to choose whether you want Fotomoto to fulfill the order. If you choose to have Fotomoto fulfill the order, you'll see an orange "Upload" button in the "Uploaded" column next to the image in the "Ordered" column under the Ordered Items heading - you can click that button and select your image to be uploaded.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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