I’m frustrated

I cannot "Continue Shopping" after adding first item to cart.

So when I add my first item to the shopping cart, and hit continue shopping, it goes back to the gallery, and I can't hit the shopping cart button again. There is a Checkout button with the item amount, where the buy print button used to be. I can go into the full screen mode and the button is there, but not in the compact view.
www.malonephotos.net , it is a pixpa.com site. Not sure if you need any additional info. I am assuming it has to do with them, not you ....just wanted to check. Worse case scenario, I have them order from full-screen mode.
I have some orders coming my way, and want to get it worked out ASAP.
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  • Hi Stephane,

    I think I know what the issue is, can you email me your client password to double check.

    As I recall by default Pixpa shows their buy button on the top right of the screen, and that's where our checkout cart goes by default.

    So you can change the location of the checkout icon in your dashboard under store -> appearances. I moved it to the top left, so you should be OK.

    But I can't be certain that was the issue at all, please send me a client password using our support email system if you want me to take a look: http://support.fotomoto.com/customer/...

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