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I’m undecided


Okay you guys. I placed order #926841337303732. This is a very challenging precise print. Let's see how you do. Please get it out asap. Thanks Dave
  • Derek (Official Rep) May 18, 2012 06:02
    Hi David,

    Thanks for this and your other post - we appreciate the kind words about our service!

    I'm confident you'll be happy with the output quality from our printers, and FYI in case you are looking for our recommendations on preparing print-ready files, they're here.

    According to our system, we're waiting for you to provide the original image to print from, so you might want to check out the link above before providing it.

    Once we've got the file from you, here's an article that explains the expected turnaround times.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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