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I have put fotomoto into my blog to sell my images. here is my blog, please give me any idea and suggestion. What can I do more on my blog to get paid from selling my images?
Thank you
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  • Derek (Official Rep) April 05, 2012 20:20
    Hi Jumpot,

    Thanks for your question here.

    You've got Fotomoto installed correctly on your site, so now what you'll want to do to increase sales is promote your work to your potential buyers.

    It's really up to you to figure out what the market for your images is. You might want to take an objective look at your images and ask yourself who would be interested in buying them and for what reason. Once you've done that, get in touch with those people to let them know that your images are available for sale.

    Fotomoto offers a few tools that can help you reach your market - share-enabled eCards and coupons.

    Also, in the future we are looking to offer new features that could help you gain more exposure, so stay tuned!

    Last, if you're just wondering how and when you will be paid once purchases have been made, please see this article for an explanation.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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