Is this compatible with HostGator website builder?

I haven't signed up yet ... but I'd like to. I just want to confirm that this can be used with the HostGator website builder. I don't see instructions for that. Thanks!
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  • Derek (Official Rep) August 14, 2019 17:43
    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for your post.

    We don't have any official documentation on using Fotomoto with HostGator website builder, but it may well work!

    What I would suggest is find out if you can put JavaScript in to your HostGator site, and if so, follow the general instructions here: to install Fotomoto, and then let me know the URL of your site and I'll be happy to check that everything is working as expected. Please note that Fotomoto should be safe to just try as it shouldn't "break" anything - it will just try and put Buy links underneath the images on your site.

    Just let me know how I can help further and thanks again for getting in touch with us.

    Kind regards,
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