I’m frustrated

Is something wrong with my account?

Recently, I have been fiddling with my site, one of the things I have done while doing this is sorting out the file structure with before was awful, this means that now I have deleted all old versions off fotomoto and been through my photos giving each a view so fotomoto can index them and add them to the dashboard.

In the dashboard, none of the images now have a thumbnail, instead they all just say "Image not available" and worst still, customers have informed me that when the select to buy the image it does not show any prices, instead it just says "We cannot determine the pricing of this photo at this time. Please check again later." (and all the variations for each type of product you can buy)

I know this message was shown when you were in the process of moving to amazons servers, along with the lack of the thumbnail, but vanished when that was completed and worked fine until I came to effectively start again.

Phil Ward
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