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License / Download is available now

After a couple of weeks of limited release of download / license features, we are finally releasing this feature for everyone to use. When you log in to your Fotomoto account, you will see a new product under "Site > Products": Download.

For this new feature we are offering two different types of usage:

- Digital download: this is mainly for event / portrait photographers who want to let their customers buy a digital copy of the photo for their own personal archives. In this usage, we let the photographers set the pricing for a single file or a batch of files (2-10, 11-20, 21-50, 51-100, 100+)

- Licensing: this feature is basically for the photographers who want to license their photos for commercial use, or sell single files as wallpaper. Using this feature, you can set what will be offered (or not offered) through your Commercial License (Ad, Non-Sellable Material, Book,CD, DVD, Editorial Material, Items for Resale, and Distribution). You would have the ability to set a fixed price for it, or ask the customer to contact you to get a price quote. In the contact form they will be asked to give you some information about themselves and the intended usage of the photo. From there, we help you to maintain a line of communication with the customer and offer a price. We also let you sell screen resolution photos for personal use (wallpaper).

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to discuss your ideas in our community ( or get in touch directly (support at fotomoto dot com)