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Licensing and Downloads

First off, will these products still be available in the new model?

Secondly, is there any chance that the rate for digital goods be say 50% of physical goods?

I know I could pay a bit to lower my % but until I pickup sales ill stay at the free model. I am sure you have heard this enough recently but many other services which shall be unnamed in my post here offer a lower rate for digital goods. I hope you will at least consider this request.
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  • Derek (Official Rep) October 08, 2012 05:06
    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the question - we have no plans to remove download products, so yes to your first question.

    The new plan pricing structure will will apply to downloads, so the Fotomoto cut under the Free plan will be 25% as explained here. That said, our product team reads all of the Community posts, so considered your comments will be.

    Kind regards,
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