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I can't get the buy buttons to appear. I had them working and now they don't show up. How long does it take for Fotomoto to show new pictures online after you add them to your website?
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  • Hi Christopher,

    Thank you for your post. Fotomoto should display the Buy Buttons and load the image in to the Fotomoto Dashboard immediately when the page that contains the image has been loaded in a web browser.

    If you're missing the Buy Buttons for a particular image, the reason why is most likely explained in our Missing the Fotomoto Buy Buttons? article, but I'm happy to help you investigate the cause. If that would be helpful, please do send us an email including a) the URL of the page where the image is on your site and b) a description of which image is missing the Buy Buttons.

    In your account I see that there are several images that were removed, so item #3 in the article above might be the first thing to check.

    Thanks again for the post and I'll look forward to helping you resolve the issue.

    Kind regards,
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