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mandatory customer fields not to be fine-tuned...

The shipping form during the order process asks for a "region" - which is in the US the state code. However, this does not apply to every country, actually, it applies to very view countries. This can confuse the user (customer) quite a bit. Can it be solved, that the customer does not HAVE TO fill out that field? Or, a more sophisticated way would be of course to make it a mandatory field if the country support it, but grey it out, if not required.

The second issue is the customer phone number: he can not enter a proper country code like "+44" e.g. He would have to enter something like 0044 or 01144, since the phone field does not allow for a + character. Can it be changed, so the phone field accepts the + sign? Everything else can be very confusing for the customer....
Thanks for considering!

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