Many photos not available for sale.

When I look at my Fotomoto dashboard, it is not showing all available photos or albums (I am using TTG Backlight). The dashboard shows 83 photos on the site, but this is not nearly all of them, pretty sure. When I look at items for sale, includes only about 30 photos.

There have been many changes to the site over several years. Does Fotomoto have to rescan the site or something? How do I get Fotomoto to recognize all photos?

Randy Hoffner
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  • Derek (Official Rep) July 02, 2017 23:36
    Hi Randy,

    Thank you for your post.

    It is expected that at first you might not see all of the images from your site in the Fotomoto Dashboard, because Fotomoto doesn't "scan" your entire site for images. Rather, it loads the images from each individual page once that page has been loaded in a web browser. I see that you now have 87 images in your Dashboard, so it looks like all is well.

    As for how pricing works in this regard, any "new" photo that hasn't been checked in to the Dashboard yet will be available based on your "default" Collection as explained under "" in the Set Product and Pricing Options article.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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