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I’m Happy

MetalPrints now available!

We're very excited to announce that you can now offer MetalPrintsTM from Bay Photo to your customers!

For more info please see <a href="">blog post</a> for more info.

Happy Holidays!
The crew at Fotomoto
  • These are good news. Thanks for working on new printing methods.

    I understand this is still soon to ask but are there any plans for metal printing partners outside the US to reduce the shipping costs?
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  • I’m confused
    Nice to see metal prints added.
    I'm having problems with sizes because there is no smart size matching. I have both 2:3 and pano sizes in my collection.

    2:3 have cropping to pano sizes as a default option and panos have cropping to 2:3 sizes there seems no way to have both panos and 2:3 in my collection and have the correct default sizes offered as a metal print?

    It seems that either my 2:3 ratio will be right or my Panos will be right depending on what ratios I offer for sale but not both.

    With prints and canvases there is an option to smart size in the settings which offers the correct ratios as the default sizes, cropped sizes are on the more sizes option
    • Derek (Official Rep) January 19, 2015 03:32
      Hi Nigel,

      Thanks for your post. At this time MetalPrints don't have the Flexible Sizes print size option, so all the enabled print sizes will show in the Widget for both pano and 2:3 images.

      I'll went ahead and created an "Idea" post to get this in as a feature request here, so please go ahead and give it a +1 and feel free to add your comments to the thread.

      At this time the only other option I could suggest would be to add another Collection (requires paid account) for pano images.

      Thanks again for posting your feedback and kind regards,
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