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More precise control over which photos get the FotoMoto treatment?

Is there a way for me to manually tag the photos that I want FotoMoto to process on my blog? The current control of "minimum picture size" is not fine enough at times - it can mark photos in the "popular blog entries" part, for example, which I'd like to avoid (I'd prefer only to have photos from the currently showing blog post have the FotoMoto links).

I'm OK with adding some scripting to my blog for this. Any documentation or example I can follow?
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  • Hi again Ilan,

    Yes - absolutely...Fotomoto is designed to give you full control over which images are for sale and which aren't. Mechanisms for this include:

    1. The "Minimum Width or Height for Images" setting you mentioned.

    2. Your "default" Collection, which determines how any new images added to your site will be available. For more about this please read the (very) important Set product and pricing options article.

    3. If you have For Sale as your default Collection, you can always exclude images from being for sale in other ways as described in How do I exclude a photo from my store?.

    4. Depending on what system you're using to build your website, you can always leave the Fotomoto Script off of certain pages/templates, which would cause Fotomoto to not run on the given page(s).

    Last, if you're looking for answers to specific questions like this, you might want to try browsing or searching our Support Center for answers if you haven't already. We link to all the most relevant ones from the install instructions for every supported platform.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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