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More download size options in the future?


I"m really happy that you are offering the download option which truly open the international market (No printing hassles ...). Anyway, I was looking at Getty's offering on the Royalty-free segment and they are offering 7 different sizes at different price points:

Here is an example for a standard picture (not a square format)
1) 115 x 170 ($10)
2) 189 x 280 ($25)
3) 339 x 502 ($49)
4) 486 x 719 ($150)
5) 1537 x 2273 ($350)
6) 2596 x 3838 ($450)
7) 3428 x 5068 ($500)

The two size we can currently sell through your application are wallpaper size (900x 1345) which would be in between 4) and 5) and original size which would be (in my case) number 6).

Do you think that in the future it would possible to have smaller sizes available which will allow us to tap into larger market.

Thank you so much for taking my idea into consideration.

Have a great day,

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