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Naughty Turtle

I used turtle skin in jAlbum to make an album and checked the box to "use fotomoto" under the selling tab. When I go to the album via my website there are no buy buttons under the photo. I have tried multiple backgrounds and several test albums unsuccessfully.
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  • Derek (Official Rep) October 08, 2012 08:11
    Hi Leah,

    Love the thread title...classic =)

    So I took a look at what I think is your website, and if you click the "Show caption / info" button at the top of your slideshow, you should see the shopping cart icon appear in the toolbar at the lower right corner of your screen. I think showing the toolbar by default is a configurable option, but you'll want to consult Turtle's documentation about that.

    if that doesn't help (or if I wasn't looking at the right site), please do email us with the URL of your website and we'll be glad to take a look at what's happening.

    Thanks and kind regards,
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