Setting up Fotomoto on the Photocrati WordPress theme

I've asked this to support but wanted to throw it out here too.
Dying to get FotoMoto going. Present custom Photocrati WP theme (that I paid for and don't really want to abandon) does not support FM in its gallery options.
Looks like I have two options:
1. use a different theme altogether that is compatible with FM
2. Link my gallery pages to a separate site/gallery that is compatible with FM

Can I get some opinions out there?
The site I'm testing this on is

Please help. Thanks,
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    I’m glad to help
    Derek (Official Rep) April 04, 2011 07:30
    Hi Bob,

    We responded to your support email already, and your site seems to be working now =)

    I'll post the resolution here for anyone else using Photocrati to try. We found two issues:

    1. For your lightbox to work properly, you need to change the Script Library on the Settings page of your Dashboard to Lightbox Gallery

    2. Some Photocrati galleries have this cool feature for the previous/next image navigation where they overlay big "boxes" on the right and left of your image, making the entire area around the image clickable. These overlay boxes conflict with Fotomoto because they essentially "cover up" our buy links - when the buy link is clicked, you're actually clicking the navigation link to go to the next image in your gallery.

    To fix this, go to your Store Appearance page in your Dashboard, click the Show CSS button and add the following code to the very beginning of the Custom CSS field:

    .FotomotoToolbarClass {position:relative;z-index:100}
    #lightbox-container-image-data-box {overflow:hidden}

    This will change the z-index value of the Fotomoto links so that they sit on top of the Photocrati navigation links.

    I hope that helps you and any others out there trying to use Fotomoto with Photocrati!

    Kind regards,
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