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I’m excited
Ahmad (Official Rep) January 19, 2012 23:35

New Print Product: High Quality Wall Peels

Wall Peels, Wall Murals, Sticky Prints, Self-adhesive Posters... these are all different names for the same product, a new product that we just started offering to our community.

Wall Peels have been around for a while, and we have wanted to add that to our product offerings from early days. But after testing a good number of print labs, we realized the quality of this product was not good enough for our community. The material most of the labs use for Wall Peels is a fabric that absorbs ink, which makes colors look dull - especially darker colors. So we decided to wait, and test more labs.

A few months ago we finally found a great lab offering Wall Peels using a very good quality vinyl material. We tested several photos, and they all came out with vivid colors. Happy to have found the right product, we started integrating and adding this to our offerings. Today we are happy to announce that we have added Wall Peels to our print product offerings!

There is virtually no limit to the Wall Peel print size. Wall Peels are printed on 40”-wide roles of vinyl, and they can be applied to the wall right next to each other (just like wallpaper), so orders can be as big as almost any wall size. Applying Wall Peels is very easy and needs no special equipment or expertise, almost anyone can do it in a few minutes. We also offer something that most Wall Peel labs don’t have: we can offer Wall Peels as small as 8” x 8”. And all of that comes at a very affordable price.

To enable this product in your store, simply log in to your Fotomoto account, go to Store, select the Collection you want, and turn on Wall Peels.