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No Buy Button With Lightbox 2

I am trying to get Fotomoto to work with Lightbox 2.
Here is my test page: http://kevin-palmer.com/32prints.html
At one point I could see the Download/Buy buttons but they were on top of each other. So I tried to add some css formatting and somehow the buttons completely disappeared. I'm not sure what went wrong since I know at least 1 of the 2 pictures was detected and put in an album. I have Fotomoto working on this page: http://kevin-palmer.com/prints.html But I want to set it up with Lightbox instead.
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  • Hi Kevin,

    I took a look at http://kevin-palmer.com/32prints.html and saw that there was a CSS conflict- on line 14 of your lightbox.css file there's a line-height: 0 declaration that was causing your Buy Buttons to get squished. I went ahead and added some custom CSS to your Dashboard to resolve the issue - it should be fine now. FYI here's a link about how to use CSS to customize your Buy Buttons.

    As for your Buy Buttons disappearing, I saw that happen as well, and I removed the URLs you had listed in the Image URL White List. Now I'm consistently seeing the Buy Buttons on your test page, so all seems well from this end, but please check it out. Note that if there are some images that you don't want to be for sale, please use one of the methods described in How do I exclude a photo from my store?.

    If you have further issues with your site, just email us with a description of what you're seeing that you wouldn't expect, and be sure to let us know which version of which web browser you're using.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
    • It's odd because when I first checked my site in the morning, the buy buttons were there. But then they disappeared again. I tried adding the URL to the white list again, and now the toolbar is back. I just had to clear the cache on all my web browsers. Hopefully the buy buttons stay this time. Thanks for your help.
    • Hi Kevin,

      Well, it sounds like you were able to figure things out...I'm glad to hear it, though I'd typically suggest not using the white list if you can avoid it.

      If there's anything else we can assist you with just let us know.

      Kind regards,
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