No buy buttons ... can't figure out what I am doing wrong ...

Hi there. This is driving me nuts ...

I have a self-hosted blog with the Fotomoto plug-in installed and have input the Site Key and enabled ALL pages and categories.

I have a Fotomoto account which says that it is 'Live" and connected to my blog. I have set the minimum width or height in store settings to 200 (the standard of images currently on my side is 950)

On my blog, I have NextGen Gallery installed - with the Option for Effects set to "Thickbox" - which I understand is a compatible one.

And that is it. Am I missing a step here, or should I see the buy buttons appearing? I have checked images on existing posts and pages as well as created new posts and pages. I have tried inserting both NextGen galleries as well as the build in WP ones - and also inserting single images from both ... and nothing.

I am running Graph Paper Press F8 as my theme. I also tried installing installing Twenty Ten to check if that made a difference. Still nothing.

I am probably missing something really simple here, but would definitely appreciate your guidance before I lose the plot!

Many thanks.
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