I’m frustrated

No buy buttons in a simple html page

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to set up the simplest of pages so that I can order some test prints from FotoMoto. If we are happy with them, then the plan is to use FotoMoto with a Lr/TTG shopping cart.

So I've made the simplest of pages, generated the Fotomoto script using the proper settings, and put it here:

However, no buy buttons appear on this page.

To troubleshoot this, so far I have:
1. Made sure the images meet the minimum size.
2. Added the domain to my store settings.
3. Published this page to a different domain on a different server (of course adding that domain to the store settings).
4. Viewed this page on my PC with IE 8, Chrome 13, and on a Mac with Safari version unknown off hand.

I have to assume that I'm doing someone really stupid & easy to fix, so any and all help & advice would be greatly appreciated!

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