I’m frustrated

no easy way to remove and purge 2788 images?

in order to reclassify my images in the proper collections, i need to delete and purge the 2788 images that i have in the fotomoto database.

the reason is that the API is not "secure", which is why currently it does not allow to do things like remove an image from fotomoto or change the collection of an image already checked-in. this is a debatable question but i am not discussing it here.

so for me the only solution is to remove all my images from fotomoto, then check-them in again in the right collections.

the problem is that the dashboard only allows to select 30 images at a time!!! not only that, but after selecting "remove", i will need to go in the "Removed" collection and "purge" the images to completely remove them from the fotomoto database.

that's about 200 operations to do manually!!!! .... each operation consisting of selecting 30 images and selecting an action in a drop-down menu.

i would really appreciate a way to do that faster. for example, a "purge ALL images from collections" or "remove ALL images from collection" (with confirmation dialogs).

note: there is a "select all" in the drop-down menu near the check-box, but unfortunately this only selects all the images on the current page, i.e. 30 images :( what i really need is a way to select really ALL the 2788 images of my "For Sale" collection!
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