I’m frustrated

No toolbar in Pixelpost

The toolbar is not appearing in Pixelpost using the Pixelution template. I'm using it because none of the other templates scale the photo the way I want. I've looked at the page source and there is the JS code for fotomoto, so not sure why it's not appearing.

My site is http://dave-martin-photography.info/p...

This is the code, just before the closing BODY tag:

[script type="text/javascript" src="http://widget.fotomoto.com/stores/scr...]
[noscript]If Javascript is disabled browser, to place orders please visit the page where I [a href="http://www.fotomoto.com/store/7858336..." target="_blank"]sell my photos[/a], powered by [a href="http://www.fotomoto.com" target="_blank"]Fotomoto[/a].[/noscript]

I'd really like this to work. I've tried other templates and still no toolbar, so not just the Pixelution.
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