None of my custom .css is working

I was having some styling issues, so I stripped my custom css down to just:

.FotomotoSep1 {
display:none; /* hide the separator after Share */

and even this isn't hiding the separator after the buy link. Any ideas?
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  • Derek (Official Rep) August 13, 2013 21:05
    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your question. As mentioned in Customizing the Buy Buttons we don't provide CSS support, but just in case this is a system issue (which it shouldn't be) I'm happy to take a look at it for you.

    First, could you make sure you're using the right store? I see you have several. If that's not the issue, just post or email us the store ID for the site in question and I'll have a look.

    Thanks and kind regards,
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