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I’m sad

not useable outside north america, unless missing features are implemented

I've found and tested fotomoto this evening and love the idea to selling my photos!

Unfortunately, I can't use it at the moment cause it has to many weaknesses and missing features in my eyes.

High Prio:
- Invoke indexing new images, e.g. by sending an url
When I create a new client gallery with a few hundred images, I want to get all of this images indexed and I don't have the time to open every image manually only to get them recognized by fotomoto

- better photo management options
organize photos inside folders, batch editing of different prices, sell/no sell options....

- not usable outside north america
I urgently need more languages for the checkout process and also more currencies (Swiss Francs, CHF). At the moment, its a to high barrier for my customers to fill something in english and have to calculate the price...

- more printing partners!!!
the actual shipping cost / time ist way to high for europe!
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  • Christian,
    The way I understand Fotomoto is that Fotomoto leaves to management of your images entirely to you.
    Since Fotomoto is not an image hoster your 'high priority' requests don't make much sense (as they don't have your fotos). It is exactly that what I like about Fotomoto. You need to look for another service that hosts your images.

    I agree with you about adding other major currencies, possibly even Paypal.
    Also Fotomoto needs many more printing partners in various continets and countries.
    These are my high-prios services Fotomoto should set focus on.
    (I guess they know that already).

    Cheers, Hans.
    • Hi Hans
      I also see that Fotomoto isn't an image hoster. For me, its totally ok that they index my fotos and I have to upload the originals if needed.
      But when I had a shooting with a customer, I create a private album with a few hundreds of pics, which I would mark to sell.
      Either I don't understand the actual index mechanism or I miss an option to inform Fotomoto about this new images to index....
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  • I’m still thankful for the options offered
    I am with Christian on the sell and no sell options.

    It would be awesome if I could set one of my Multiblogs with Multiusers on 'no sell' since it runs on my main Site and gets indexed.

    I would also love to be able to change a whole album in my gallery to 'download' if I wish to without having to do it for single files.

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    I’m confident
    Ahmad (Official Rep) March 31, 2010 20:03

    Thanks for all the suggestions.


    * Indexing: You don't actually need to index anything. All you have to do it to set the default pricing. After that, even if you don't see the photo in your control panel, everything would be fine. The first time one of your clients visits the page, the photo will get added to the page. And the pricing is already there. So there is no need to go an actually index the site.

    * Photo management: in general, we do not do the photo management, you do it on your own site. However, you are right about the group pricing / availability: that part of the photo management is our job! Please be patient, it's coming... :)

    * We currently have users from more than 90 countries. Some of our biggest users are not from the US ( is in Canada, is in the UK, The Daily Morror is in the UK...).

    * We are still in beta, which means we are changing a lot of things. That makes the translation job difficult. But we are getting ready to go out of beta, and immediately after that we will offer multi-lingual interface (English, French, Spanish coming first).

    * We already let the photographer set the store currency. Soon we will let the user decide about the currency as well, so they can pay in their local currency. Currently we support USD, CND, GBP, EUR, AUD, and YEN.

    * You are right, we have to have more print partners. But the process is quality testing and integration is not a quick process. Being in beta means we have more items in our wish list than what we want, but we are working on the list, be patient!

    * Additional to all this, soon we will also offer more paper types, fine art print, canvas print, and fotoflot. We will also offer unlimited online storage with easy batch upload capability. This would be specifically helpful to event photographers, who take hundreds of pictures at each event and don't want to upload them one by one after each order.

    Thanks for being patient while we work our way out of beta!

    Hans, Nicole, thank you for your inputs. Be sure that we read all comments, and we listen to our users.


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