I’m frustrated

OMG... so frustrated!


I have a wordpress.org site and I have installed fotomoto and have gone through the setup several times, however I am running into a couple problems.

~initially the product list (i.e. cards, prints, canvases, etc) was on the top left near the header, then i realized i had a picture of the header in the mix and thought that if i removed it, the options would properly fall in line-they did not. There is not a buy button nor a cart button at all and I have changed the color schemes in the event it was hidden.

~I am unable to add to the album/collection in fotomoto. I have dragged & dropped.. nothing.

Site: www.neauxlaschmeauxla.com.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Derek (Official Rep) July 28, 2016 22:34
    Hi Neauxla,

    Thanks for your post and sorry about the troubles!

    First, Fotomoto will detect *every* image on your site that's over the "Minimum height or width...", which is how it should work, but obviously you might not want to sell header images and the like, so there are a few ways to Exclude a photo from your store.

    For header images, ads and the like, you might want to add the "nofotomoto" class to the template that the image loads in to, otherwise removing images from the Dashboard or moving them to the Not for Sale Collection will work just as well.

    I did take a look at your site and am not seeing the stray product list you mention...could you possibly post a screenshot indicating where the issue is if it's still a problem?

    As for missing Buy links, if you want to install Fotomoto on your website, you'll want to (closely) follow the instructions at http://support.fotomoto.com/customer/.... I looked at the source code for your site, but strangely I am not seeing a Fotomoto account for the Fotomoto Script that you have installed on the page.

    Thanks and kind regards,
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