Panoramas not showing up. Can i set minimum width only?

My panoramas dont have the toolbar showing up. Right now the minimum size is 700x700. How do i set it so that only the minimum width is taken into account and not height?
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  • Hi Hugo,

    Our system is such that you have to set the same min. hight/width.
    So that means at 700x700 some of your beautiful panoramic shots are not being picked up.

    However if you set your size to 300x300 all your photos will be picked up.

    If your problem is that you have banners, or smaller photos, at that size that you don't want to sell, we have a solution!

    You can exclude any photo from your store in the Fotomoto dashboard.
    Just follow these steps:

    I hope that helps, let me know if it didn't.

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