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Payment Buttons

I have both Stripe and Paypal activated on my account. When going through the checkout process on my site, the first screen that indicates a payment button is the screen that shows the shipping fields (see first image). The payment button that shows up at the bottom right of the screen says, "Pay using Credit Cards"... nothing about pay using Paypal. Hitting that button takes you to a screen where you can enter your credit card information. Oddly, at the bottom right of this screen is where the "Pay using Paypal" button shows up (see second image). What's with this? The screen with the shipping fields should either have a button with wording to the affect of "Pay using Credit Cards or Paypal" in order to go to the next step, or you should have two separate buttons (one for Credit Card and one for Paypal). The lack of this clarity leads people to think initially that the only way to pay is through credit card. Some customers would be so put off by not seeing a Paypal option at the first screen that they wouldn't even bother continuing on.
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