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I’m disappointed

Paypal an expensive way of receiving payment!!

The sale of my first print has raised some interesting problems with the Fotomoto service, the latest of which is how do I receive payment. I have just authorised my Paypal account to receive payment from Fotomoto and guess what - out of the $106.55 I was paid Paypal get to keep -$4.46 leaving $102.09!!! On top of this their exchange rate is massively favoured toward them making even more to convert to GBP! I checked conversion rates just now and they are $1 = £0.61 - Paypal have converted at just £0.59 - an opportunity for them to grab another £2.13!!!

I don't use Paypal for anything now as their fees and awful security breaches (I had money taken out of my account only a few months ago!) make them a very dodgy service to use indeed. Only those without bank accounts or credit cards still use Paypal, after all those people are who the service was designed for. Can't continue with this if Paypal is your only option (short of posting a cheque!!) - why can't I just give you my bank details and job done?
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