Photos are not showing up in Fotomoto.

Why are my photos not showing in fotomoto? I sold a picture however nothing shows in fotomoto? Please help!!!!!!!
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  • Derek (Official Rep) July 25, 2012 19:24
    Hi Deb,

    Thank you for your email. I can't verify this without the order #, but my guess is that you might be looking within the wrong "store" within your account. Please note that you can have multiple stores associated with different websites - in your case for, blogspot, Viewbook and more. You can switch between stores using the "Current Store" drop-down menu at the upper left corner of your Fotomoto Dashboard.

    If you'd like to send me the order # I would be happy to look it up for you, but I bet that you'll now be able to find it in the appropriate store.

    Last, we've sent you several responses from our support system but it sounds like you're not getting them for some reason, so glad you posted here. Any chance our previous emails were caught in a SPAM filter? Please make sure you are able to receive any email from, as that's how we get in touch with you regarding orders, etc.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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