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Photos not loading in Fotomoto/Virb - Problem with the script


This is the third time I've contact Fotomoto now about an existing problem. I started to get help then Derek has just gone off the radar. I'm trying to use Fotomoto with my Virb website. The theme I'm using is York. When I input the script from here the photos don't load properly in Fotomoto and in Virb the images look scrambled and aren't loading either. Virb haven't been particiularly helpful but since they recommend Fotomoto I thought they would be of more help. They have said though, that there seems to be a problem with the script and at some point, hopefully this year one of their developer's will have a look at it.

Is there anyway someone at Fotomoto can look into it? I want to use the service and it's been recommended by Virb but noone is giving me much help or an alternative. I need to get this fixed asap as I have clients that want to buy photos but I've had to ask for help several times and am getting nothing!

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