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Please add a URL Blacklist

URL White list is fine for people only wanting to add a small number of pages for Fotomoto to access. But if i only want to exclude 1 or 2 pages, that means adding new URL's to the White List every time i do a new blog post for selling new photos.
I'm finding the white list url, and "click every newly uploaded photo in my website i don't want for sale, then go to Fotomoto to add to Not For Sale" very cumbersome. Can we please have a URL blacklist if we only want to EXCLUDE a small number of pages from Fotomoto accessing?
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  • Derek (Official Rep) January 25, 2016 05:43
    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the Idea post here. This isn't something we're likely to get to soon, but in the meantime there are a few other ways to handle this which might work for you:

    1. You can temporarily set the "Not for Sale" Collection to be your Default, then in your browser load the pages that you don't want to sell the images. This will cause those images to be loaded in to Not for Sale automatically and they'll stay there. Then just switch your Default back to "For Sale".

    2. Depending on what you're using to build your website, you may have the option to disable Fotomoto on the given pages...for example we offer this setting in our WordPress plugin in the WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Fotomoto. If you're using another platform it may be possible to just leave the Fotomoto Script off that page as well.

    If you have any questions about this or want to talk more about a solution that works for your specific needs, please feel free to post or email us ... I'm always glad to help.

    Thanks and kind regards,
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