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Derek (Official Rep) January 19, 2015 03:28

Please add the Flexible Sizes print size option for MetalPrints

Posted on behalf of a Fotomoto seller
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  • I’m disappointed.
    I’m really disappointed that Fotomoto does not have the “Flexible Sizes” print option for MetalPrints, my preferred medium to display my work. I researched print-on-demand e-commerce companies and found out that the only 2 services that don’t require “standard” or “cropped” images is Fotomoto and 1 other company.

    Unfortunately, Fotomoto has not coded their “Widget” to support the metal print options that BayPhoto offers. It’s difficult enough to get buyers to purchase online, and to require a customer to try to calculate aspect ratios, is an unnecessary barrier.

    On some of my prints that are not 3”x2” ratio, there is only 1 print available, and for another ratio there exists no exact match. This, despite using the “standard” Lightroom ratios of 8”x10”, 16”x10” and 16”x9”.

    1) 16”x9” = No Exact Prints Available.

    2) 10”x16” = 10”x16” Only.

    3) 8”x10” = 8”x10”, 16x20, 24”x30”. Would like more sizes!

    Please add the “Flexible Sizes” print option on the Fotomoto Widget to stay current with the only other print-on-demand e-commerce system offering flexible sizes.

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  • I second this option. I'm using The Turning Gate Backlight and would appreciate being able to select among the following options for metal:
    "Offer flexible sizes"
    “Crop Using Smart Size Matching”
    "Crop to all selected sizes"
    It's far less complicated for a customer.
    John Ellsworth
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