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Please bring back metallic paper!

I decided to go with Fotomoto over other print selling services after reading several glowing reviews. Many of these reviews mentioned the great variety of paper options available. After signing up, I see that I'm limited to gloss and lustre for photo prints. In the past, up to half of the prints I have sold have been on metallic paper. This is potentially a big issue for me. I love the integrated shopping system, but if I have to start ordering my metallic prints from a lab and personally shipping them to customers it pretty much defeats the purpose of using your service.
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  • I have used metallic photo paper for much of my digital art and have also used it as an option for certain prints I feel the look it gives a print with allot of color makes the color pop even more. I think if you at least add this to our fotomoto account it will give people more of an option other than Glossy or Matte or even Canvas. It just makes more sense as an option to some photographs. Perhaps HDR photos would look more vibrant on Metallic photo paper.

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