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Problem figuring out transaction process.

I'm having a nightmare of a time trying to figure out the transaction process. Maybe someone can shed some light on it for me.

I'm using a Stripe account.
I have my CC on file with FM.

So I made a test order at 100% discount. I'm going to use real numbers here so we can try and figure out exactly how this thing works.


Customer Invoice

Subtotal: US$55.00
Shipping: US$7.99
Tax: US$0.00
Processing Fee: US$0.00
Discount: (US$43.50)
Total: US$19.49


Charge Summary

Transaction Fee: US$2.53
Processing Fee: US$0.00
Print Cost: US$11.50
Shipping Cost: US$7.99
Total: US$22.02

(3) Stripe Account credited with: 19.49
(4) Credit Card Charged by FM: 19.49
(5) Stripe and FM fees totaled 3.40, as per the Stripe site.
(6) Credited to my account (bank account on file with Stripe): 16.09

OK so this is how I am understanding it:

(1) Is the total cost the customer paid.

(2) Is my total cost of the FM transaction (not including Stripe fees). This is just to let me know what my total FM cost was, and this number does not appear anywhere in the payment process, either on my credit card nor my Stripe account.

(3) Paid by customer through Stripe (This is how I get paid).

(4) Charged by FM to my Credit Card (This is how FM gets paid for the original customer order).

(5) All FM and Stripe deductions take place on the Stripe account (This is where FM and Stripe deduct their fees, and I assume gets reimbursed by Stripe?).

(6) Money I receive minus all Stripe and FM fees, which goes to the bank account on file with Stripe.
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