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Problem when buying more than one picture

Hi there,
I've created a custom made theme (wordpress) for my website, and now when buying more than one picture the fotomoto widget ask to select from a list of the current picture plus the all the other pictures already in the cart.

How can I fix that bug?

Best regards,
the website : www.raphaelvaney.com
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  • Hi Raphael,

    Thank you for your message. I took a look at your site and can see what you're referring to, but I'm sorry to say that we can't provide support for custom WordPress themes. Because of the customizable nature of themes, we just can't offer support for them all. For what it's worth, the issue seems to be that you're manually placing the Fotomoto toolbar on a page that has multiple images in the source, which we warn about here.

    I hope the reply was helpful and kind regards,
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